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Pet Disaster Preparedness

When preparing for a disaster evacuation plans focus on the “5 P’s”: People, Pets, Prescriptions, Pictures, and Papers. How do you prepare for disaster for your pet? How to Get Prepared It is impossible to image the chaos and ensuing confusion that comes during an evacuation unless you have had the experience. Anything that you…

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Responsible Dog Ownership

Having a dog is more than providing a yard rope, food and water. Responsible dog ownership is a big responsibility. Considerations Before Committing Owning a dog is a serious long-term commitment. Depending on the breed you can expect to have your dog between 10 and 16 years. You will need to commit financial resources to…

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What You Need to Know About Rabies

The word “rabies” is enough to strike fear in most people. While rabies is a deadly virus it is also preventable. How Does My Cat or Dog Get Rabies Rabies is most commonly passed through the saliva secretions from an infected animal. The virus is passed when the virus-laden saliva makes contact with the mucus…

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Pets & Weight

Just like people, pets live longer and suffer less health impacts when they are a healthy weight Quick Check There are two quick ways to check if your pet is a healthy weight. The first is a visual check. Standing over your pet and looking down on them, you should be able to see a…

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Arthritis and Your Pet

One of the most common aliments seen in pets is arthritis. Arthritis is a progressive and degenerative condition that affects one or more joints. Symptoms Our pets are often very stoic, making it difficult to tell when they are hurting. Arthritis affects the joints making certain movements and positions very painful. Also areas near the…

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Pets and Halloween

While Halloween can be a very fun holiday, it can also be stressful and dangerous for your pets. Stresses and Dangers Pets are often stressed by the repeated ringing of the doorbell, knocking on the door, the chaotic noises that follow the children, and some are frightened by the costumes. To reduce these stresses keep…

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