Benefits of a Mobile Veterinarian

Reduce your stress and the stresses of your pet by having the doctor come to you.

Main Benefits

Many pets have a high level of anxiety with the process of visiting a veterinarian’s office. The stress points often include the car ride, the strange people and animals in the waiting room, and the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells of a strange environment. The option of having a mobile veterinarian visit your home eliminates these major stress points for your pet while providing the convenience and peace of mind for parent of the pet. Imagine not having the stress of hearing your cat howl the entire car trip to the vet or not having to clean up after your dog gets car sick.

What Service Can They Offer?

Fundamentally the mobile veterinarian brings the doctors office and pharmacy to you. Mobile veterinarians provide a wide array of services at your home. These services include vaccinations, health checkups, non-life threatening injury treatment, spay and neuter, minor surgeries, and behavior evaluation and training. Mobile veterinarians do not perform major surgeries, as the patient requires constant monitoring for 24 to 48 hours after the surgery.

What are the Major Differences?

The major differences between a “brick and mortar” based veterinarian and a mobile veterinarian are:

  • Convenience – Set an appointment with your mobile veterinarian and they come to you. You do not have to corral your nervous pet into a carrier. There is no cleaning up from a pet who suffers from car sickness or who gets sick from the stress of being in the car.
  • Pet Stress – You pet stays in their environment. The stresses of the sights, sounds, and smells of a strange place with many unfamiliar people and animals is eliminated. Also the stress of being in the car, which can be extreme for many pets, is eliminated.
  • Major Surgeries – Mobile veterinarians can provide all the services of a traditional “brick and mortar” based veterinarian with very few exceptions. The main exception is a major surgery like orthopedics or an extensive abdominal surgery.
  • Cost – Mobile veterinarians have a moderately higher cost as they charge a house call fee on top of the normal services. However, if you have multiple pets the house call fee is only charged once and all of your pets can have their vaccinations, exams, etc. taken care of for the service pricing.

If your pet gets sick or stressed out on the trips to the veterinarian you should strongly consider using a mobile veterinarian. In the Salem, Oregon area you can always rely on Rolling Vet Animal Care or 503-400-7992.

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