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Read Customer Comments | Leave a Comment. We urge you to leave a comment, if you've had in-home animal care provided by Rolling Vet, LLC.
Read Customer Comments | Leave a Comment. We urge you to leave a comment, if you've had in-home animal care provided by Rolling Vet, LLC.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Rolling Vet

Following a near death problem with my female dachshund and knowing there was an issue, I called and Dr. was available. Had I not done so my dog would not have been alive another 24 hr. Surgery immediately after a quick evaluation found her puppies were not in the womb but in the tube. She got it done and my girl is with me today. Best care and follow up was great. I also had several dogs teeth done. What gentle hands and with loving care. My dogs are not afraid of Dr. or staff. I have been greatly appreciative of all the advise and care in the short time I have known this DVM and staff. Always on time and ready for any thing I have needed. Thank you.
 Highly Recommend
acque keller from Brooks

Working with Dr. Carole Larsen has been a wonderful experience for me. She is very knowledgeable and so super nice.
The M.A.S.H Unit is awesome and every city needs one, except how do we clone Dr. Larsen?
Thanks for everything.
  ~ Wonerful
      Jon from Salem

For more than ten years, Dr. Larsen helped us raise two
Shetland Sheepdogs, and as many as five cats, before relocating her practice. We all miss her. Not only was she up-to-date on veterinary science, but she had that unique gift of veterinarians to puzzle out what was ailing patients who could not talk, and making both patient (and owner) feel comfortable. Our dogs looked forward to visiting Dr. Larsen's office, bounding up the steps, anxious to get inside. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Larsen, and wish she were still in Santa Clara.
  ~ Santa Clara Misses Dr. Larsen
      Ivan Linderman from Salem    

This was my first time to use Dr. Larsen, and I was so
impressed. Gentle, understanding, and so kind to my vet-phobic cat.
I am so grateful she can come to my home so that Peach is not traumatized by car transport.
I will be looking to her for all my pet needs in the future.
  ~ Our First Visit
      Pamela Braun from Salem

We have called for Dr. Larsen's services twice. One day our poor kitty Emma was lethargic and not moving. We knew we wanted someone to be able to come to our home as Emma is terrified of everyone. Dr. Larsen came that day, treated her and within an hour she was walking around and by dinner time she was back to her normal self purring and drooling and happy. 🙂

The second time we called her was because one of our neighbors kitty was hit by a car. They were not home at that time. I called Dr. Larsen and she was at our place within the hour. Thank goodness the poor little thing was okay minus a few cuts and other things, but we saw her walking around a few days later. Was so grateful she was not seriously hurt.

It is such a blessing to have Dr. Larsen in our community and be equipped with her rolling vet clinic to take care of anything that can happen to our pets we love so much.

Additionally the time she spent going over the nutritional needs for our pets was invaluable too. She is very thorough and just a wonderful person in our community. Salem is a better place with her and I will recommend her to anyone I know who has a pet.

If I had a Facebook account I would give her 100 likes. 🙂
  ~ Dr. Larsen is wonderful
      Karen Davis from Salem


I'm guessing by the testimonial that said they wish Dr. Larsen was still in Santa Clara, that I've found the Dr. Larsen who used to run Animal Health Center.

I'm mostly emailing to let her know my cat, KC, who I adopted at her office in March 2002 just passed away on Monday night from kidney failure. He was my little buddy and I suspect he missed Dr. Larsen's care.

If this is the same Dr. Larsen as I think, I want to let her know she helped with my cat, Tabitha, who passed away in my arms on the way to have her put to sleep in March 2002. Dr. Larsen had become a trusted advisor with regards to caring for Tabitha and I don't know that I ever thanked her for all of her help over the years.

The night Tabitha passed away, I asked Dr. Larsen when was the right time to adopt another pet. She led me to the waiting room, reached into an enormous carrier and handed me this little ball of fur. That ball of fur became KC and I adopted him that night. I remember telling Dr. Larsen I wasn't sure and asking if I could take him home for a test ride. 🙂

I brought KC to her over the years and she had a way of interacting with KC that I have never seen a veterinarian do since. Naturally cats are nervous at the vets, but she knew how to hold a cat like a mother cat and calm him down. A story I've related about KC and Dr. Larsen was that I took him to Dr. Larsen to have his nails trimmed and asked her to show me how she did it. She lifted each of KC's paws one at a time and he cooperated perfectly. Of course he didn't do that with me at home although I tried for years to figure out her technique. I missed that technique when KC was diagnosed as well as her calming nature to both pet and owner.

If this is the same Dr. Larsen, can you let me know?  I'll happily add to your testimonial page about my past experiences.



Thank you so much for making my poor kitty feel better.

Within 24 hours she has stopped scratching.  ~ C.Cooper

Shortly after relocating to Salem, our St. Bernard collapsed in a medical crisis. Our prior vet had said our dog had progressive kidney disease, but that turned out to be wrong. Dr. Larsen came to our house the day our dog collapsed, and thanks to her thorough knowledge, follow-up visits, and testing, we found out our dog has Addison's disease. His medication has returned him to his energetic self that we hadn't seen in over a year. Thank you for your help saving our dog!
      A. Rudd

Hunters Health...

Dr. Larson has been a life saver for our little Hunter. He can’t go to a traditional veterinarian because he has a seizure every time he goes. He loves Dr Larson. She has seen him for checkups, vaccinations and most recently for a back problem.

We are very thankful that we found out about Rolling Vet and Dr Larson.

~ Carolyn T.

Eric and I really appreciate the care that our fur babies receive from Dr. Carole Larsen. We just lost our Ukiah boy and Dr. Carole was there through the heartache of losing him. She went above and beyond. If we had a concern we would call and she would help us through. She gives great attention to our other babies as well. We are so glad that we found Dr. Carole.

Thank you Dr. Carole for loving our Ukiah boy.

~ Tracy S.

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