National Doghouse Repairs Month

Originally intended to focus on our human relationships National Doghouse Repairs Month has changed to include bringing awareness to our best friends outside abode.

How Did This Really Start?

In 2000 Heidi Richards Mooney, a Social Media Consultant, Publisher of WE Magazine for Women, and holder of many significant honors, started National Doghouse Repairs Month as a marketing effort for her retail florist shop. The idea was to get people to think about the significant people in their life and to do something extra special for them, and in doing so get out or stay out of the “doghouse”.

So What Does This Have To Do With My Doghouse?

Our dogs are significant in our lives. We love and care for them like children. So let’s focus on their outside abode and make sure it is safe and comfortable for them.

Here are a few quick tips to spruce up your best friends outside home.

  • Watertight – Make sure the roof and walls are not leaking. It is actually law in many places that a doghouse must have a waterproof roof. Also check the placement to make sure that it is not in a runoff or flood prone area. The inside should stay dry in all types of weather.
  • Safe – Make sure that your doghouse is constructed from safe materials. Never use treated wood for construction as the treatment infuses toxic chemicals like arsenic and copper into the wood. Make sure that the inside is clear of any sharp protrusions like nail tips or splinters.
  • Comfortable – Can your dog stand up, turn around, and laydown comfortably? Make sure the floor is level.
  • Clean – Empty out the doghouse and sweep or vacuum out the dirt and hair. Make sure to clear out all of the spider webs.

Stay Out Of The Doghouse With Your Dog

Of course our dogs are our best friends and they are very social creatures. So let’s make sure to treat them extra special and make sure they are getting the attention they need. Make sure they are getting family time and social exercise, like walking. Let’s let our dogs feel extra special this month.

Finally make sure that your dog gets the attention they need to stay healthy and live long happy lives. Don’t forget to get their teeth cleaned, stay current with vaccinations, and have a regular check up. Consider the convenience of a mobile veterinarian who will come to your home and provide compassionate and expert care for your best friend. In the Salem Oregon area Rolling Vet ( is your local mobile veterinarian. Rolling Vet can be reached on the phone at (503) 400-7992 or via our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

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