Pets and Halloween

While Halloween can be a very fun holiday, it can also be stressful and dangerous for your pets.

Stresses and Dangers

Pets are often stressed by the repeated ringing of the doorbell, knocking on the door, the chaotic noises that follow the children, and some are frightened by the costumes. To reduce these stresses keep your pets in a room away from the door. Provide them with the comfort items that they like best. For some dogs their kennel is their refuge.

Dangers lurk in the treats, costumes, and decorations. Be careful to keep your pet from candies and treats that you do not provide. This will reduce potential choking, toxins, and other adverse affects. Watch that makeup and small decorative items are kept out of your pets reach. They may be tasty or look fun but they may be toxic or cause choking. Finally watch electric cords to avoid potential shock hazards.


Costumes can be a great source of entertainment and joy as a pet is dressed up. However, you need to make sure the costumes are safe and comfortable for your pet. Make sure there are not bits and pieces that your pet can chew off to avoid potential toxins and choke hazards. Also make sure that the costume does not impair breathing or movement. Finally while you may think the costume is fun your pet may find it extremely stressful. So be careful with the costumes and make sure to try them out before the big night.

Taking Your Dog Out

It can be a lot of fun to take your dog with you and the kids. However, you need to make sure that your pet has the right temperament to deal with all of the extra stimulation of the noise, activity, and strange costumes. Make sure to keep your dog on their leash. Also make sure that all your pets have updated ID tags just in case they do get loose. It is also imperative that you keep your dog from eating anything it finds dropped on the ground and that you prevent anyone from giving your dog a treat. This will prevent adverse side effects of toxins or treats that your dog may not tolerate. Finally, it will be important to keep your dog out of the neighbor’s decorations to prevent unintended injury or shock hazards.

Inside Pets

If you are keeping your pets home for the evening make sure that they are safe and comfortable with the extra noise and activity and the costumes. Also keep them from escaping out the door. Pets that are upset or stressed by the evening should be kept in a room away from the door and provided with the best comforting environment that can be had for the evening.


Cats seem to be especially vulnerable to mean people during Halloween. It is highly recommended to keep cats inside whenever possible.


A mobile veterinarian can come to your home and evaluate and help your pet in the event they eat something they shouldn’t and become ill. They can also perform an environmental review to help determine ways to make your pet more comfortable. In the greater Keizer and Salem, Oregon area you can always rely on Rolling Vet Animal Care or (503) 400-7992.

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