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Pet Allergies: Spot the Symptoms & Identify the Source

Like people, pets are subject to a wide variety of allergies. The big difference is that we can usually identify our symptoms, ask for help, and resolve the issues, while our pets rely on us to figure out what is wrong and how to help. Spotting the Symptoms Our first challenge is to be able…

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Firework Safety and Pets

The fourth of July brings BBQ, camping, family outings, and fireworks. While we might look forward to the lights and sounds of the fireworks, they terrify many pets. Potential Safety Issues Noise phobia, the fear of loud noises, is a common ailment for pets. Whether it be a gunshot, thunder, or fireworks, the sharp and…

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Why Immunizations are Important

Just like us, our pets are exposed to a myriad of diseases everywhere they go. Immunizations are a critical link to your pet’s health and longevity. What Does It Mean to Immunize My Pet? The immunization of a pet is the process of vaccinating the pet against one or more potentially debilitating and potentially lethal…

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What You Need to Know About Rabies

The word “rabies” is enough to strike fear in most people. While rabies is a deadly virus it is also preventable. How Does My Cat or Dog Get Rabies Rabies is most commonly passed through the saliva secretions from an infected animal. The virus is passed when the virus-laden saliva makes contact with the mucus…

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Pets & Weight

Just like people, pets live longer and suffer less health impacts when they are a healthy weight Quick Check There are two quick ways to check if your pet is a healthy weight. The first is a visual check. Standing over your pet and looking down on them, you should be able to see a…

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